Father Ruggero Ruvoletto killed in Amazzonia

Little news from Manaus in Amazonia, where father Ruggero Ruvoletto was at service as a priest, missionary  of the Diocese of Padua: some shots were heard by a deacon, then the run there and the finding of the dead body of father Ruggero. This is the little news that has come to the diocese of Padua so far. This news has profoundly grieved people and arisen shock and deep sorrow.
It happened at 7 a.m. (local time). The deacon heard the shots and ran where he found the dead body of father Ruggero who was knelt near his bed, his head hanging sideways hit by a shot in the back of his head. Testimony gathered on spot speaks about there being 50 real missing (around 19 euros) being there much more money left in the house. A witness allegedly saw a man running away.
Tomorrow morning there will be a mass for father Ruggero. 
Father Ruggero Ruvoletto, born in Galta di Vigonovo on 23rd May 1957, province of Venice, diocese of Padua, was ordained priest in 1982, by bishop Filippo Franceschi, for whom he acted as secretary during all his episcopacy (1982-1988). Then he studied ecclesiology in Rome, he came back to the diocese in August 1994 he was in charge of the Social and Work Pastoral for a year, then he was appointed Director of the Missionary Centre of the Diocese from 1995 to 2003.
On 6th July 2003 he left for Brazil, as missionary, in the diocese of Itaguaì in Mangaratiba together with father Orazio Zecchin. The year after father Francesco Biasin, who meanwhile had been ordained priest in the diocese of Pesqueira, North East of Brazil, joined him to take part to a project of mission in the outskirts of Manaus, asked for by the local dioceses. A place at the borders between the city and the forest, where crime is particularly aggressive and lately there had been assaults. Father Ruggero himself had recently taken part to a demonstration to ask for more safety.
The missionary lived with a deacon, a priest and a small community of nuns.
The Mission Centre of the Paduan Diocese announces that tomorrow, on Sunday 20th, the mission assembly of the dioceses forseen to be held in Rubano in the afternoon will be completely dedicated to the memory and the prayer for the killed missionary.